We Buy Junk Cars Long Island ImageWhen you wish to sell your junk car, you will have lots of options. Your best bet is to deal with a legal junk car buyer that’s authorized to do so and have the proper credentials when they promise “We Buy Junk Cars”.

But the truth of the matter is that there are plenty of legitimate buyers. However, they’re not all the same and some are better than others. So how do you know which one is the best for you? Here are some signs to look for among recyclers advertising their “We Buy Junk Cars” offers:

  1. They’ll actually buy your car. Obviously, a junk car buyer that’s not willing to buy your car isn’t going to help you at all. That can be a problem if your car is in really bad shape. But some buyers will buy any car regardless of its condition.
  2. They offer a free quote right away. Most of the time, you’ll be required to furnish some info regarding your car, so that they can then decide on a proper price to offer. You have to answer the questions honestly so you don’t waste everybody’s time—they’ll refuse to buy your car if its condition is not what you described.
  3. A legit junk car buyer can offer a price right away, so you can contact several buyers and see which one offers the highest price.
  4. The price remains the same when they come to get your car. Some disreputable buyers engage in bait and switch scams, so you must beware. Usually this involves quoting one price over the phone and then offering a lower price when they take the car away. They may cite some seemingly reasonable excuses, but if you’ve answered their questions honestly over the phone then you should refuse the offer and find another buyer.
  5. Towing your car away is a free service. Some sellers don’t really care much for about the money. They just want to get rid of an unwanted car without too much hassle and expense, and a junk car buyer represents a great solution to this problem.
  6. However, some buyers may not offer this service and may require you to drive the car to their place. Others may offer this service for a fee. But you can find some good buyers that offer to tow your car away for free, and then still pay you for the car.
  7. They pay you cash right away. The payment must be in cash, and not a money order or a certified check. The payment must also be offered at the same time they get your car, not at their place, after a week, or after they’ve recycled your car.
  8. Some buyers seem to think that you’re supposed to conform to their rules. But that’s not the case when it comes to getting your money.
  9. They guarantee the paperwork. They must make sure that the vehicle paperwork transfer goes through according to state DMV rules.

Find a reputable junk car buyer that provides all of these services and you’ve got a winner. It’s not enough that they say “We Buy Junk Cars”. They have to offer a free quote, pay you your money right away, and take care of the paperwork.